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Stylish sunglasses make us look cool in different scenarios. They can look great with any outfit, but beyond their aesthetic and fashion side, they are also tools that help visual health and protect our eyes.

Sunglasses are essential to take care of your eyes . “If they are not adequately protected against UV rays, sun exposure can cause long-term eye damage and accelerate the appearance of pathologies such as cataracts or even Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

Choose your category

When choosing your glasses you must take into account the lighting conditions. “In winter, we can choose a category 2 filter but, as soon as spring and summer arrive, we should choose a category 3 .

On the other hand, it is also important to choose a category of sunglasses according to the activity to be carried out, which usually involves a greater or lesser degree of exposure to ultraviolet light.

There are 5 categories of glasses per filter:

Category 0 : These are glasses that are indicated for protection against wind and dust, but not against ultraviolet radiation.

Category 1: They can be used to protect the eyes on cloudy days or when ultraviolet radiation is less (for example, in winter).

Category 2: They are suitable for normal summer days in which exposure to sunlight is not continuous.

Category 3: They are indicated for high exposure but within normal summer activities (for example, days at the beach or pool).

Category 4: It is the highest protection. They are indicated for environments where ultraviolet radiation is more aggressive due to refraction (for example, high mountains, snowy environments or glaciers).

How to choose the color of my lenses?
The color of the lens is more important than just being fashionable, because depending on the color it has, the light will enter one way or another.

What glasses suit your face?

The health of your eyes is not at odds with aesthetics. Once you are clear that the important thing is to choose a sunglasses that adapts to the lighting conditions and your lifestyle, it is time for you to also feel that they flatter you and enhance your style and look.

Oval face: almost any frame shape (or lens shape) will harmonize very well with the proportions of the face. However, we recommend very round or small shapes, as they tend to make the face appear longer.

Triangular face: the glasses frames that look best are round and oval, as well as ascending “butterfly-shaped” models, as they tend to balance a narrower chin.

Round face : it is better to apply the principle of opposites attract, recommending more angular styles.

Square face: oval sun styles will look better as they help soften the jawline.